UjjwaL Ghimire

This is Me, 29 years old , extermly interested in programming , expert in PHP and MySql.

Hey, I work also as professional English Language Teacher in Kathmandu Nepal. Felt Aww!!! I never imagined that I would be teaching English as a career. From early school, I was very passinate about computers and programming. My highshools were not as expected could not score good gradings. After that I joined a degree called HND in Computing and Systems Devlopment. This is a British course with skill level 5. I am very blessed to join it. This is because the course contents are Programming and Network centric. No extra useless subjects that is not going to be used in professional life. We as Nepalse students suffer this, We have to study many stuffs hard which are completly useless in career.

When I finished my degree, I wanted to do business, as I knew how to make software, I was not satisfied for going on job. I convinced my family for loan and started a boys hostel near my college. With super of super plans , My business was at happy state.

The debasting earthquake of 2015 and following border blockage from October that year made many distractions in my business. I did it for 2 years and four months trying to sustain my business in various forms. But I was bankrupt and closed it.

By this time I was married and already a father so I wanted good job. I revised programmings and website skills and join a institute for teaching web skills. I had plans for making websites and teaching too.

I got less offers but saw many customers with problems of English language. I was offerless on my skills and I was seeing really good number of English Students, So I took few classes.

Teaching English is really sensative job in Nepal, as a lecture can't make people's English abily higher. It needs acceptance of student's nature and a kind of company , focusing on their abilities and difficulties.

For me it was only path to support my family, so I started being best at handling these students. I have become really demanding teacher. I also got advantage of being manager of entire business from this skill.

I help various age groups of Nepaliese who have problems in English. From young to old people, I can make people talk English. English is very demanding for Nepalese as for going abroad.

My future aim is to join master degree in abroad (may be the US) and make better living for everyone in the world.

I want to work in bigger platform where I can create many jobs using my programming skills. Currently, I can't start a software compnay job as beginner because of financial status. Teaching English and with my programming skills , I gotta be making funds for my master degree , then with that make my circumference better than now.