UjjwaL Ghimire

This is Me, 29 years old , extermly interested in programming , expert in PHP and MySql.

With life struggles and directions as required by time, I also teach English Language. I teach various age groups and levels. Teaching English in Nepal is sophosticated job because just lecture on English cannot make people talk English. Here requires a company from begging point to advance. My strategy focuses on personal weakness and class size is 6 in maximum.

I have pure designed English for following interests.
  • School/ High School Students needing grammar & essay skills
  • Complete English Speaking
  • English for National Jobs [Lok Sewa/ Police/ Army Exams]
  • English For Travel Guides
  • English For Foreign Jobs [Security/ Customer Care, etc]
  • English For House Wife and free people
  • English For Senior Age Groups

I also provide UKVI IELTS Life Skills guarantee classes with more than 30 mock exams. Additionally I also teach IELTS Academic and General.

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