UjjwaL Ghimire

This is Me, 29 years old , extermly interested in programming , expert in PHP and MySql.

My father, mother, younger brother and my wife & daughter including me makes our famiy members population six currently. My father is retried Nepal Army and now he is involved in driving a kind of vehicle called MAGIC, TATA Ace Magic. He actively takes care of other drivers concerns. He is very active member of driving association in Chitwan district. Besides that he is also involved in local community leaderships and developments. And I should mention he works very hard in fields : agriculture and taking care of cows that we own. Physically, I cannot compete him in working !!!

My mother is wonderful house wife, She raised me and my brother. She takes care of everything in the house.

My brother is an accountant. He has been working in several offices in Kathmandu.

Finally, I am working as a Manager in an institute called MIT Computer institue. My wife assist me in my office works. We teach various computer and language courses.

And my Daughter, Ellie Ghimire, is now about to be 4 years old on this 18th May. She is cute and studies in kindergarden.

Both as a son and a father, I fell there are lot to do and achive in life, so that I can better contribute a wonderful life for my daughter and a happy life to my parents.

By the time I am writing this article, its lockdown period due to Corona Virus Spreading. The income has stopped and whole world is suffering economic crises. Hope soon as possible everything becomes ok, and we all can go back to work safely.